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Summer 2012 REU Poster: Multilayered Membrane Assemblies Modified with Grafted Polymer Layers for DNA Preservation and Storage

Monday, July 30, 2012 3:30pm - 3:50pm EDT  
Host: Multilayered Membrane Assembly
By: Hassieb Din, REU Program 2012, Clemson University and Christine Brethorst, REU Program 2012, Clemson University

Current storage techniques have shown to be costly and unreliable in maintaining the structural integrity of DNA. This has created a need for the development of a new method for long term storage of forensic DNA. This study presents a way to address this need by creating a multi-layered membrane assembly which can effectively purify and store DNA over long periods of time. In this study, a PET membrane has been used and a “graftıng to” method has been adopted for polymer graftıng. A plasma treated PET surface coated wıth a PGMA anchored polymer which ıncreases surface functınoalıty for the next grafted polymer.The first part of this multi-layered system will be an anıonıc polymer that can separate DNA from contamınates. The second layer will utilize a catonic layer that will attract DNA due to eletrostatic interactions. PEI and PAA have been selected as an catıonıc and anıonıc polymer, respectıvely. AFM, Ellıpsometry, and water contact angle have been used to analyze polymer graftıng methods. Fluorescent mıcroscopy has been used to analyze proteın and DNA adhesıon to grafted surfaces.


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Hassieb Din
Hassieb Din

REU Program 2012, Clemson University

Hi my name is Hassieb Din and I am a senior at the University of South Carolina. I am currently studying biomedical engineering and plan to attend medical school after next year.

Christine Brethorst
Christine Brethorst

REU Program 2012, Clemson University

I am a rising senior at the University of Missouri. I am pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering with researching focusing on biophotonics. This summer my research primarily focused on advanced functional membranes. The aim of this research was to develop a multilayered assembly for DNA storage and preservation.