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Summer 2013 REU Poster: Investigating ion-transport and thermal safety in functional polymer separators

Friday, July 26, 2013 1:30pm - 1:50pm EDT  
Host: Investigating Ion-transport
By: Robert Emmett, Undergraduate Researcher, REU Program 2013, Clemson University and Rishi Gupta, REU Student, REU Program 2013, Clemson University

As the global demand for energy generation and storage grows, many novel systems are being introduced as potential solutions to the energy problem that are cost-effective, efficient, and above all, safe to use. Particularly in electrochemical systems, such as batteries and supercapacitors, thermally-responsive polymers have been suggested to be used as smart materials as a protective measure in case of thermal runaway and overheating. Since aqueous electrolytes are not applicable to most electrochemical systems, most prominently lithium-ion (Li-ion), ionic liquids (IL) will be researched instead, as IL-polymer electrolytes will be easier to adapt Li-ion systems. Additionally, ILs have negligible vapor pressure, are nonflammable, and are thermally and electrochemically stable, making them ideal candidates for improved safety in Li-ion systems1. Above all, these systems must demonstrate reversible characteristics such that upon cooling the battery returns to its original performance and conductivity. Many different thermally-responsive polymers will be created and tested in ILs to determine whether a change in conductivity is observed as the temperature of the system changes.


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Robert Emmett
Robert Emmett

Undergraduate Researcher, REU Program 2013, Clemson University

I am a Junior chemical engineering student at Clemson University, who has been working with the Dr. Roberts' research group for over two year continuously.  My research is dedicated to the modification of carbon electrode to improve their electrochemical performance so that they can be used in a supercapacitor system.  After completion of the undergraduate program I plan to attend graduate school in Chemical or Biomedical engineering. 

Rishi Gupta
Rishi Gupta

REU Student, REU Program 2013, Clemson University

Rishi Gupta attends the University of Virginia and will be a junior this coming fall, double majoring in Chemical Engineering and Physics.