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Summer 2013 REU Poster: Design of nanoparticle-liposome assemblies as cell membrane analogs for drug delivery applications

Friday, July 26, 2013 2:00pm - 2:20pm EDT  
Host: Design of Nanoparticle-liposome Assemblies
By: Stefanie Baker, Research Assistant, REU Program 2013, Clemson University and Neil Rosenbaum, REU Program 2013, Clemson University


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Stefanie Baker
Stefanie Baker

Research Assistant, REU Program 2013, Clemson University

My name is Stefanie Baker and I am a rising senior in chemical engineering at Oregon State University. I am focusing my field of study in biochemical processes. I am interested in attending graduate school to earn a PhD in either biochemical engineering or biomedical engineering.  I am from a small town in Eastern Oregon known as Milton-Freewater. I enjoy the trials and tribulations of performing research, which gives me the motivation to learn more in my chosen field. This summer, I am working on gold nanoparticle synthesis and surface modification for use in drug delivery at Clemson University.

Neil Rosenbaum
Neil Rosenbaum

REU Program 2013, Clemson University

I am a senior in chemical engineering at Mississippi State University. My desicision to apply to Clemson University's Chemical Engineering and Biomolecular Advanced Membrane REU was to gain work experience in a completely different field, also known as research.  Previously, I worked for a year as a DuPont Co-Op as a process engineer.  At this REU, my project consists of developing drug delivery devices using hydrophilic nanoparticles as the release mechanism.