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  • Affinity and Multimodal Membranes
    for Protein Chromatography

    Past work has shown that regenerated cellulose (RC) membranes can be functionalized with polymer nanolayers via atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) to produce high capacity protein adsorbers. These functionalized membranes have shown competitive binding capacities at a drastically increased...

    Affinity and Multimodal Membranes
  • Battery Separator Layers
    with Grafted Separators and Thermally-Responsive Ion-Transport

    Battery separators are membranes that prevent the direct contact of the positive and negative terminals of a battery while allowing ion conductance and preventing electron flow. Battery performance is affected by the following separator properties: porosity, pore-size distribution, thickness value,...

    Battery Separator Layers
  • Composite and Supported Ionic Liquid Membranes
    for CO2 Capture

    Carbon dioxide emissions are rising throughout the world as industrialization increases, contributing to global warming. Our goal is to reduce carbon dioxide through filtering flue gas post-combustion using membranes, which could be cheaper and more efficient than present solutions. This has the adv...

  • Coupling membranes and dendritic polymers
    for advanced water purification

    This project focuses on the incorporation of dendrimers in water filtration systems. Dendrimer coatings on reverse osmosis membranes have been shown to reduce the effects fouling has on the membrane flux. The dendrimer coating needs to be removed when it becomes saturated with foulant. This projec...

    Coupling membranes and dendritic polymers
  • Multilayered Membrane Assembly
    Modified with Grafted Polymer Layers for DNA Preservation and Storage

    Current storage techniques have shown to be costly and unreliable in maintaining the structural integrity of DNA. This has created a need for the development of a new method for long term storage of forensic DNA. This study presents a way to address this need by creating a multi-layered membrane ass...

    Multilayered Membrane Assembly