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  • Coupling Small-particle Adsorbents
    with Membranes for Trace-contaminant Removal in Water Treatment

    The application of superfine powdered activated carbon (S-PAC) for drinking water treatment is part of recent advances in nanomaterials to develop microporous materials for adsorption. Micro/Ultrafiltration has been proposed as a means of removing S-PAC from the effluent drinking water stream, howev...

    Coupling Small-particle Adsorbents
  • Design of Nanoparticle-liposome Assemblies
    as Cell Membrane Analogs for Drug Delivery Applications

    Our study describes a hydrophilic nanoparticle drug delivery system that utilizes gold nanoparticles (GNPs) with different ligands in tandem with a particle drug carrier, or phospholipid membrane. The drug delivery will be simulated using a fluorescent dye and measuring the leakage rate of the dye f...

    Design of Nanoparticle-liposome Assemblies
  • Electrospun Nanofiber Mats
    for Environmental Applications

  • Investigating Ion-transport
    and Thermal Safety in Functional Polymer Separators

    As the global demand for energy generation and storage grows, many novel systems are being introduced as potential solutions to the energy problem that are cost-effective, efficient, and above all, safe to use. Particularly in electrochemical systems, such as batteries and supercapacitors, thermally...

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  • Modeling Protein Adsorption
    on Multimodal Membrane Adsorbers

    Developing an efficient method of protein purification has been one of the challenges in biopharmaceutical industry. The objective of protein purification is to capture the target protein with dynamic adsorption and the least impurities. In this research, multimodal membranes have been developed to...

    Modeling Protein Adsorption